The Most Popular Games in India

Tabletop sports like monopoly, ludo, and chess are popular with adults and children. Indians have always engaged in such wit-testing activities. These activities are great for families and don’t require a giant playground. Here are the most excellent alternatives to purchasing classic Indian board games.

Kitki Samrat Board Games

Each player assumes the role of a monarch in the war strategy game The Kitki Samrat, which is based on Indian history. The game includes a board with a historical map of many countries, and the players must carry out some of the monarchs’ original tasks. 

The game consists of a fully drawn rules book, making learning simple. Users of the Kitki Samrat game may learn about Indian history through first-hand experience.

Ancient Living Puli Game

Logic and strategy are the foundations of the board game The Ancient Living Puli Meka. Two players participate in it, and they go on hunts. It is a struggle betwixt the hunters and the prey for power. One player is given three tigers and the other 15 goats to test their strategic skills. People of various ages may enjoy the Puli Meka board, making it a good alternative for gifts.

Circle Board and Indian Cross Game

One of the world’s oldest games is thought to be the Indian Cross and Circle. It is ludo played traditionally. The game in India is called Chopat,  Chaupar,  Dayakattam, Pachisi, and Pagdi pat. Four players take turns using pawns in this game. It is predicated on the use of dice. The board game Indian Cross and Circle is packaged in a tin that makes it convenient to store and durable.

Python and Snake Ladder Game

This game has a magnetic board, so you can play it outside while traveling and not worry about losing any pieces. You can play either ludo or snake ladder in this dual-purpose game. It has a classic appearance since it is a hardwood game set with wooden components. The dice-based strategy games Pytho Ludo and Snake Ladder are also popular nowadays.

Days Nine Men’s Morris Indian Game

The Easy Days Two players arrange their pieces in the Nine Men’s Morris alignment game. Each player is given nine pawns, and their goal is to create “mills,” which are either horizontal or vertical columns of three of a single color. 

One handcrafted natural cotton board, 18 pieces of pawns, and an instruction sheet are included. The Nine Men’s Morris is a fun game that adults and children should try.

Ratna’s Business Game

Young children may learn the fundamentals of trade and business by playing Ratna’s business game. This entertaining game aims to develop your buying and selling abilities. It is a fantastic game that teaches children about assets and responsibilities. Both children and adults may enjoy the game. Children get valuable trade skills and problem-solving techniques by playing The Ratna’s business game.

Monopoly Board Game

A fun addition to your group’s gathering may be the property-dealing board game Monopoly. Players can purchase, sell, and exchange assets to defeat opponents and win the game. It has a customized banker’s tray to manage cash and facilitate quick transactions. The Monopoly board game is a fun and competitive game that may keep you and your colleagues entertained.